Improving SEO Positioning


What did we do?

Improved SEO positioning of the website of Audika, a multinational company specialized in hearing loss solutions with more than 145 centers in Spain.

Parts and actions

- Restructuring of the website

- Development and execution of content strategy for SEO on the blog

- Strategic support in SEM

- Strengthening the presence in social networks

The SEO project for Audika started in 2021 with the objective of improving their presence in the SERPs and increasing organic traffic to their website. To achieve this, we implemented a series of comprehensive actions. First, we created a new structure for their website, optimizing the architecture to improve indexing and search engine visibility.

In addition, we developed and executed an SEO-focused content strategy for their blog, producing relevant, quality content that would attract their target audience and improve their ranking in search results. This approach was complemented with strategic SEM support to maximize search engine visibility and reach.

In parallel, we strengthened Audika's presence in social networks, using these platforms as additional channels to reach its audience and promote its content and services.
The documentary
"Y a mí qué el dinero" is the first documentary made in Spain that addresses the effects of Economic and Financial Education on young people and their future.